From grass roots to high performance, Field Hockey Canada is working to develop and strengthen field hockey across the country, and to position our National Teams for podium contention in 2012 and beyond.


Our approach is simple; to apply our best thinking, leadership and strategies to the opportunities ahead, acknowledging that success will only be achieved through collaboration, working closely with our partners, and consistent and meaningful community engagement.


We look at sport development across the entire spectrum - from grass roots to high performance - in order to thrive on the world stage.  We believe that adapting and applying the same philosophy developed for our high performance model to all levels of play works to establish a culture of performance, technical proficiency, physiological excellence and mental toughness across the entire development spectrum.


We also believe that long-term development from the grass roots up is necessary to achieve consistent performance at the national level. At clubs and schools across Canada, new players are introduced to the game…at first in small, casual groups, and then with a team. As their passion for the game ignites, it is up to all of us to ensure there is a clear path on which they can grow and learn as individuals and athletes - a path that leads to both participation and competitive opportunities, and a broader community to which they can belong


How We Do It: Strategy 2020

Strategy 2020 was announced in October, 2011 and is being implemented with the support of Sport Canada, Own The Podium and the field hockey community. There are two areas of our overall strategy:


Development. Our priority is to develop a Long Term Hockey Development Pathway for athletes, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers.. There are many entry points, and our goal is to provide navigation, training and support to everyone who would like to become involved.  


High Performance.  The High Performance aspect of Strategy 2020 is focused on Olympic podium contention for 2012 and beyond. Sport Canada and Own the Podium have provided significant financial support, enabling us to invest in:

  • Technical leadership and coaching
  • Sport science and medical support
  • Talent Development
  • High Performance Training Environment

Our game.  Our community.  


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