During training sessions and games, athletes and coaches focus on specific technical and tactical skills. But if we look at the overall Game Intelligence of an athlete, these skills must be combined with a number of other factors for effective performance. These are called INFLUENCERS - as they are factors with critical influence over a players performance.

These factors are not exclusive to field hockey, and in fact they apply to many sports. However, these Influencers do have an impact in a specific way in the game of field hockey, given the unique attributes and rules of the sport.

The Influencers:

The Influencers affect many aspects of game play, and skill/tactical development in drills to varying degrees. For example, Vision is a key element for passing skills; Communication is essential for team defending.

As you think about the Influencers in relation to the game, it will become clear that many of the Influencers are continuously connected to each other. Vision is connected to Space/Time, at times to Communication and to Risk and Speed/Tempo.

Using resource material on this website, you will see Influencers referenced frequently. Influencers are also identified in “Tags” for drills and articles, so that you can filter according to which Influencers you want to focus on.

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