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Rotation 2 - Touch Passing


SPACE 20m x 20m


  • X2 presents for the ball and cuts back as X1 passes the ball to X2’s stick. X2 passes immediately back to X1 and drifts away after making the pass.
  • X1 passes the ball across to X3, and then X1 moves counter-clockwise to the next cone.
  • X2 drifts around the cone and cuts towards X3 when he is ready to pass. X3 passes the ball to X2, and X2 receives and passes back to X4 (the next player in line).
  • After these passes, both X2 and X3 rotate counter-clockwise to the next cone.
  • X4 starts the passing rotation again. 
  • *Mirror the drill: start on opposite side so passing and rotation goes in opposite direction.


  • The passing pattern and player rotation takes a few repetitions for the players to get the hang of - so start with a slow walk-through, and build up the speed.
  • The key player is X2. He should time his leads and movements so that he signals when the passer is ready to release the ball, and also arrives at the reception point at the same time as the ball.
  • Focus on a good quality first touch, and a fluid movement from reception to release of the pass.
  • All players should learn habit of moving as soon as they have released the pass to rotate to the next position. 


  • When players are executing these skills well, there is quick movement of the feet, to maintain balance and turn the body when necessary to make the next pass.
  • Time should be a short as possible between the receiver’s first touch and the second touch to release the pass.


  • LTT: Same
  • TTC & TTW: Incorporate first-time/1-touch passing



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