Concepts and skills of game play when we are in possession of the ball.

We have split the ATTACKING Area into 3 categories. The drills and materials in each category will reference tactical, technical, psychological and physical factors which coaches should consider.


Passing, receiving, protecting the ball and dribbling to maintain team possession. In this area it is important for players to have good vision, an understanding of how to use space, and the ability to move effectively off the ball.


Strong possession skills will allow a team to create opportunities to eliminate an opponent. A central focus of team attack should be finding and taking advantage of 2-on-1 situations. 1-on-1 elimination can also be effective, and decision-making is important in this area to assess risk and reward.


After keeping possession and then eliminating defenders, goalscoring is the final step in team attack. As with the other steps, goalscoring requires vision, understanding space, and a number of technical skills. It also requires an aggressive mentality to take advantage of goalscoring opportunities in an area of limited.

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