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Continuous 2 vs 1 (Aussie Drill)


SPACE 30m x 20m


  • X’s start with ball going L to R with a 2-on-1 against one defender (O). X’s try to eliminate and score.
  • 1. If X’s score or the ball goes out of play, both X’s clear the zone. The next O in line brings a ball into play, and the I that just defended the 2-on-1 stays in the play to attack the opposite goal. The next X in line comes into the play defensively to create a 2-on-1 going R to L.
  • 2. If O dispossesses the X’s on the original 2-on-1, once the defender (O) has control of the ball, X’s clear the zone and the next O in line joins without the ball (the defender has one already) to attack the opposite goal. The next X in line comes into the play defensively to create a 2-on-1 going R to L.
  • Repeat this pattern. The play will move back and forth.
  • Keep score between teams.


  • Transition Timing/Speed: All players should pay close attention to .
  • 2-on-1 Execution: Ball carrier should keep ball in “option” position, maintaining the ability to eliminate with a pass or dribble, based on what the defender commits to. Off-ball attacker either holds horizontal in open receiving position, or clears through as a vertical target to eliminate defender.
  • Goalscoring Box: attackers should be trying to create a shot from inside the Goalscoring Box - and avoid getting channelled too wide.


  • For 2-on-1 situations in space, the attacking team should have some attacking success. At the Training to Train Stage, shots on goal may be more sporadic. They should, however, show purpose and intent with good decision-making in the execution of the 2-on-1. At the TTC and TTW Stages, the attacking team should create a shot on goal at least 50% of the time.
  • Defenders should try to limit the attackers’ shots to lower/wider angles if possible.


  • LTT: Not applicable
  • TTC & TTW: Add one more attacker and one more defender - progress to Continuous 3 vs 2 game.



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